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Mary's first term was incredibly successful. 

Here are just some of the ways Mary delivered for the district. 

As Vice Vice Chair of the Children's Committee and a member of the Education Committee, Mary served on a select, bi-partisan working group that created the most comprehensive Children's Mental Health Legislation in the country.
Additionally, $22M was allocated to provide mental health services in schools because of legislation Mary wrote. 

Mary led state efforts with the Connecticut Dept. of Transportation in conjunction with the federal Dept. of Transportation and our federal delegation, to secure $12.6M of state funds, which was then matched by federal DOT, for a total of over $24M for building and safety upgrades to the Derby/Shelton Train Station. 
$300,000 secured for the Woodbridge Senior Center to create a safer community space for Woodbridge seniors

$200,000 for the first-ever, fully accessible public playground in Orange

$100,000 for the Orange Senior Center to support building operations to serve the Orange senior community better


Mary also committed to supporting these important, bi-partisan, funding efforts:

$300,000 for TEAM, Inc for infrastructure and safety upgrades for the headquarters and program expansions
$2M for the Woodbridge Community Center renovations, a Woodbridge delegation effort led by Sen. Cabrera
$10,000 to repair the historic clock in the Orange Fire Station
$1M to create, alongside Sen. Maroney, a student load forgiveness program for law enforcement seeking higher education
$1.3M for Griffin Hospital to replace aging emergency generators; a bi-partisan Derby delegation effort led by Rep. Klarides-Ditria

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